Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where is it?


WELL three weeks now and EVERYTHING has been "blue".  I'm starting to think that's Layla's favorite color.  She wants blue eggs...she wants blue milk...she wants blue bananas...she wants only blue gum (YES...I've let her chew gum...if you know me well, you understand that would be difficult to keep away from her..HA)...she wants blue candy.  BLUE BLUE BLUE.  I've never been more happy to look for blue things in my life.  She's so much fun to humor.

She also said her first real sentence two nights ago.  Most of her attempts at sentences have been lost on me.  I can't understand a word of them.  This one, though, I understood perfectly well.  She said it exactly as I do.  Some background on the little video...she likes to hide all of her bath toys under her little legs and make me look for them.  I act surprised each time one pops out.  Notice the little smile when she realizes that I may be taking a picture :-)


On Saturday, dad and I will run our last long run until marathon day.  We'll run 26-27 miles on Saturday.  Somehow...its not that daunting.   BUT...we'll see.  I'm starting to get really really really anxious and nervous.  I'm afraid of working so hard and then not qualifying for Boston.  While I should be proud to just finish my first marathon...I have to go and get my heart set on qualifying for Boston.  I have very few doubts that I'll fail...my hope is that I cross the finish line with enough juice left to do a cartwheel or continue to run a couple of laps as did Constantina Dita Tomescu in the 2008 Women's Olympic Marathon.  The more likely scenario is that I cross the finish and need a gurney.  HA!  

So yes...26-27 miles on Saturday and then we'll do 16 miles at marathon pace on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It'll be so nice over the craziness of the holidays to get out and run...think...enjoy some quiet time.   


Natasha said...

Once again, Layla is a show stopper!!! :) Landis and I both got a giggle out of that video.

You will do great on Saturday!!! You have worked so hard!! I'll be thinking about you. Make sure to update us.

Love ya Linds.

Raising the Rollins' said...

So hilarious! I love that gal...especially her sheepish grin!