Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And me?

Alright...I'm throwing in my "nerd" card.  I know...its completely shocking that I have any bit of nerd in me.  I mean, I am normally so cool.

I tossed and turned all night last night...I was so filled with excitement for today that I could barely sleep.  TODAY I am fortunate enough to enjoy the privilege of voting.  YES...I even get this excited about voting during mid-term elections AND primaries.  Voting is something that is so dear to my heart...I treasure this privilege...I hold it in very high regard...I walk around all day humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic in my head.  YEP...pretty stinking nerdy.  I'm even looking forward to watching all the commentary this evening...probably popping corn too.  

Layla woke up at 5:30am this morning...she was probably excited too.  I ran up to her room, told her good morning...gave her hugs and then asked her if she knew what today was (stupid question for a 20 month old..I KNOW).  She responded with "Nana home".  Um yeah, we weren't going to Nana's house...sorry.  I told her that today we got to VOTE.  She acted thrilled beyond belief.  SO we ate breakfast....got dressed and went out to vote.  The entire trip to our polling place she chanted, "vote maMA, vote and me? vote, Layla, vote vote vote".  I let her push the buttons...she made some great choices :-)  And when she pushed the last green button...she responded with very very LOUD...."YAY...vote".    She also told her daddy that she voted for the "good guy".  HA...so smart already.
Here's a picture of Layla outside of the polling place.  She doesn't really look that excited...I think she was maybe still confused by all of my excitement over what she probably thought was a very silly machine.


Natasha said...

Great job Lupe!!! I bet I know who the "good guy" is!! :) I'm proud of you for MODELING for Layla the importance of voting at such a young age. I'm glad that she knew who the "good guy" was to...unfortunately, I wish her vote could have been counted b/c at this point...the future is not looking so bright. :( I think I need to go to bed...BEFORE I get angrier or more depressed. It's going to be a long 4 years!!! :(

Patrick said...

Nice blog Linds! I linked to your blog from your Dad's website; I was looking for his email address. Layla is so beautiful and nice job with the voting. I agree with Natasha...it's going to be a long, interesting 4 years!