Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shins...who needs em?

May as well come right out with it...I've been benched for THREE DAYS and I'm going crazy.  During my last speed workout last Wednesday [8x1200s (2x400 @ 2:05 and 1x400@1:35)] my shins started really hurting.  I had known for weeks that my shoes needed to be replaced, but I thought I could squeeze a couple more runs out of them.  I was wrong.  I was greeted with some pretty yucky shin splints....In fact, my shins actually became quite swollen which was REALLY strange to see.  I continued to run on Thursday and to do our final marathon pace workout...but we stopped after 7 miles because of my stinkin shins.   

SO...my dad recommended that I rest for at least three days.  He said there was no sense running my marathon in the weeks leading up to the real thing.  He also said that I'd never finish if I couldn't make it past the start line.  He was right...unfortunately.  Today is my third day...and I am climbing the walls.  Elliptical machines set at the hardest level interval program are not cutting it.  I miss the cold air in my lungs...I miss the dull pain in my legs after a long or hard run...I did not realize that running had become such a positive outlet for me.  I told Neil today that I think I've become depressed.  Its strange.  I need a run.  NEED it.  My shins feel great thanks to ice and motrin...AND I have NEW SHOES....I am counting down the hours until tomorrow's run.   I don't normally talk about aches and pains....I absolutely LOATHE pity...I probably would have made a pretty good marine.  I prefer someone yelling at me to toughen up and run anyway than to rest..HA!  Am I weird?

Finally...stay posted...I'm running the Turkey Strut in Winston on Thursday morning...good times!  Its only a 5K but I'm interested to see how I'll do!  
Happy Thanksgiving to you all...too bad carb loading pre marathon has been proven pretty ineffective.  I was really hoping to eat my weight in my aunt's cranberry apple casserole.  


Natasha said...

Oh Linds...I KNOW the feeling...not the hurt shins, but the depression that takes place when you can't run. And, you are right...the ellipitical will never cut it. It's just not the same.

Landis said he saw you and your dad running tonight (Wednesday) so I am hoping that everything went well. Did it? Keep me posted...

And...by the way...you could still eat that cranberry pie and it wouldn't hurt you. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

Natasha said...

Oh my goodness I forgot to say...HAVE FUN at the turkey trot. Even though...I know that for you, it will not be called a "trot" but a turkey "sprint". I'm thinking you will finish in under 20 minutes. I can't wait to see how you do!!! :)