Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Layla 2.0

Layla turns TWO tomorrow.  I stare at her and can't believe how quickly and slowly time has passed.  It seems like a lifetime ago that we brought her home from the hospital feeling completely overwhelmed and clueless.  I was honestly afraid that I'd break her.  Had my mother not been around, I probably would have left her in the same little one piece outfit that the nurse at the hospital helped me put on her for the first week.  But then, it seems like a blink ago that we were wondering if she'd ever learn to pick her paci up by herself and put it in her mouth or what it would feel like to hear her say "mommy".

I had no idea when we looked at her for the first time, who Layla would become to me.  I didn't know that she'd have such a compassionate heart...that she'd have her daddy's smile--you know, the kind that lights up a room...that she'd have such a sweet disposition...that she'd be so independent but so obedient...that she could speak volumes with only her eyes.  I had no idea that the way her little cheeks move when she says "two" and "you" could melt my heart...I had no idea that dancing to the Wiggles CD could be so much fun and that I'd fall in love with Neil all over again each time he changed a yucky diaper.  I didn't know how wonderfully vulnerable motherhood would make me...I didn't know that after two years, I'd still be questioning and evaluating my parenting EVERYDAY.

I'm blessed beyond belief.  

I hope to post a video that Neil put together of her second year...hopefully tomorrow. For now, here's a picture that my dad took at her little birthday party (I wish I could take credit for the super cute picture :-) but it all goes to dad on this one).  

At her request, mom and I made 36 cupcakes all decorated like Princess Lillifee's cupcakes.  You can tell from the picture that she was totally focused on her cupcakes.  I still have pink food coloring in my finger nails.  Its the second year mom and I have enjoyed time together making sure Layla's cake is SUPER special.  I love seeing the finished product as much as I love spending that time with my mom.  She's superwoman when it comes to decorating cakes for sure!


AshCrouse said...

Happy Birthday to Layla. Lindsey you are such a wonderful mother. I love to read your stories about motherhood. It makes me look forward to it more and more. I hope yall have a wonderful day

AnniePat said...

Awww Happy Birthday Layla!!!! Miss you guys!

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday Layla!!! I am so glad that I had the chance to celebrate with her on such a beautiful day...I think God created the perfect day (actually, week) for her to celebrate.

The picture of the face dive into the cupcake is super cute!! Too bad that everyone can't see that she is multi-tasking in this picture...eating a delicious, beautifully decorated cupcake while holding about 8 helium balloons and walking towards the park with about 15 people staring at her. WOW!! I'm impressed Layla!! :)

Michelle said...

Cute! Happy Birthday Layla! Maybe one day I will get to meet you :)

Nick and Megan said...

Happy Birthday to little Layla! Love the new look of the site!

Raising the Rollins' said...

I just love that girl! (so does Levi, he just doesn't know it yet...)!!!