Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Black Daffodil

Good morning blog-o-sphere.  I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately...I have been in such a weird funk.  I feel like I've been injected with 40ccs of tryptophan.  Running has been sort of blah.  My desire to dig into projects around the house has been blah...trying to get a new business off the ground and running feels like I'm banging my head against the wall.  Do I have any company out there??  Maybe its the yucky news we're being fed about the economy.  Or it could just be that my chi is broken...HA!  Or that I argued nationalized health care with a student in class and she hasn't been back since (at my defense, she stated that we were the only county without nationalized health care and I had no choice but correct her).  At any rate, a nice little run with dad yesterday was just what I needed to help me come back to center.

I showed up at the track to do speed work..and as soon as dad said, "lets go".  I was shocked to hear myself tell him that I wasn't up to speed work.  I needed a nice little "thinking run" at the track where all I had to think about was "left, right, left breathe, right, blink, left, right...".  It was so nice.  Dad let me violate our "no complaining until after the first mile" rule which was very gracious of him.  He listened to me vent about wanting to step in and take the bull by its horns with some things...and then reminded me of the importance of finding my OWN vision and how to apply it.  Apparently that's much more important than stressing over a business card---who knew :-)  Dad is so easy going...he's so calm, so deliberate and thoughtful.  These are attributes that I admire in my dad...and ones that didn't really get passed on to me.  I like order...I like predictability...I love progress that is tangible so I tend to put pressure on small things (ie-business cards).  I saw yesterday why dad and I work so well together.  I am convinced that we could win Amazing Race...hum....what's that prize package worth again?

So, before I go any further....
Please check out my new blog:

I'll still be posting on this blog all my personal things, but check out Black Daffodil Films for my creative projects.  My hope is over then next few months, I'll be able to piggyback a non-profit onto Black Daffodil--one that involves two of my passions, running AND film!  YAY!  


Natasha said...

A funk...what's that??? No one ever has those...NOT!!! I had a "don't make me go to work" funk just yesterday (he, he). :)

I'm glad that your run with your dad was "funk eliminating" :)

I'm loving the Black Daffodil blog...I can't wait to see the way, I tried to add it to my Toddy blog site and the blog is not recognizing the URL...any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

Lindsey Broere said...

Hum...did you try copyin the URL and pasting it?

Thanks for the run yesterday...ya did great, by the way :-)

Michelle said...

awesome! your funk is probably just your subconscious brewing something great up. it needs space and peace to work.

Unknown said...

Hey Lady- I've been trying to read this post for DAYS but every time (tried like 20times) the African Internet kicked me off!

Any hoot- love the new site- looking forward to seeing your work!

Hey- do you think that once we get our babies that maybe you might want to take our family pictures for us? When we come home with them, that is. So, I guess I'm asking if we can schedule a photo shoot some time in fall 2010! haha!

Love ya! Hope to see you guys in about 6weeks! It will be our last trip home for a while.

Unknown said...

PS- I think this is a cool family picture:

Lindsey Broere said...

Lindy...I am absolutely HONORED! WOW...I'd love to take some hot family pics! I'll have to look at my schedule for fall 2010--you know I stay pretty booked :-D

Six weeks and counting...can we PLEASE play Quip It?