Monday, January 26, 2009

What was I thinking

I figured out why Layla was so full of herself last week.   She was a day away from a yucky cold--complete with a fever and a very yucky cough.  She was pitiful.  I cried twice just looking at her sad little face.  

That sad little face has a tendency to wipe her little runny nose on my nose.  Don't ask me why...she's done that since her very first runny nose.  Strange?  The stranger thing is that I kind of think its sweet.  Its a death sentence for me...within hours, I'm enjoying the same cold, fever and cough.  So on Saturday, Layla and I watched The Tigger Movie and the Veggie Tales almost all day while Neil was away taking a class.  She never watches TV, so it was partially a treat.  For about 30 minutes, she was excited and still.  After 30 minutes, she was bored out of her mind.  At one point on Saturday, we both looked at each other in between coughs and just sighed.  I wanted to cry, but Layla said, "no mommy, Layla cry".  Apparently only one of us were allowed to cry at a time.   We needed our daddy...when he came home at 5:30, we were both rotten.  Poor thing (Neil).  

Needless to say, I didn't get in a long run on Saturday.  Originally, I was thinking that no matter how bad I felt, that I'd still run because it would be at least two hours of peace and quiet.  I think that makes me a selfish masochist.  Does it?  I didn't get a long run on Sunday either.  SO today I was bent on running.  Can I just say that I coughed, while running, until I wet my pants--multiple times.  I'm thinking about making a running Depends for moms with weak bladder control muscles.  I don't really want to hear about Kegel exercises because they don't work.  Unbelievable my stinking bladder problems.  

As a side note, I've committed to running a 5K at the end of February in Chapel Hill.  I'm going to attempt a PR and going for 21-20 minute finish time.  That's a sub 7 minute mile...I think I can do it pretty easy?  Dad and I are starting on Wednesday with those wonderful hill repeats.  Then next week, we'll be doing them twice a week.  After 5 sessions, we'll be heading to the track for me to continue to wet myself--I mean, do speed work.  I'm excited...I love a challenge and I'm excited for something different. now I'll be held accountable for my fast 5K :-)


The Beaver Bunch said...

Ugh! Hate to hear you got the snot, fever and yuck.

Hope y'all feel better soon!

Natasha said...

Poor Layla, Lindsey, and Neil...:)

I hope you all feel better soon! There are multiple "sicknesses" going around the elementary school...I haven't gotten any of them in the last two years...I should be ready for the runny nose to runny nose issue when I'm a mom one day (he, he). :)

Hill repeats on Wednesday and you are going to run with me also??? You are superwoman!! :)

See you on Wednesday!! Happy nose wiping... :)

Only Servants Ministries said...

OKay- so i don't know that i have laughed that loud whilst reading someone elses blog. Had I birthed children before, I'd have peed from laughing. Oh Linds- you are indeed a funny girl.

PS. I ran today- are you so proud? I've run one other time since we can in june and that was for 20minutes. I was sure my lungs would collapse. Today- 30min. so like 3 miles... non stop. This altitude will just about kill anyone... and I only did a few small hills. You're my hero...

Michelle said...

hey! i definitely want the names of those books! we are still waiting on word from the detailer - if we don't hear by the end of today adam is supposed to call tomorrow. now we just have to wait... and think about what we are going to do if he says no to germany... !!