Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Thank Him for You...

A mommy two times over....words can not come close to describing how wonderful you are.
You give all that you have for two little girls (and one quirky little me). And when you are empty, you somehow give more. Everything that you do is under-appreciated because we can not grasp the beautiful gift that you give to us day in and day out. You serve others. You sacrifice self for others. I know that somedays are easier than others, but it wouldn't be love if it was an easy sacrifice. This family functions because of that kind of love.

I thank God for placing me into your life.
I thank Him for giving us our girls.
I thank Him for giving them a mommy with a heart after His only Son.

Always, forever and more,


The Beaver Bunch said...

This was posted by Neil, I'd presume.

Tenderness Neil. Pure tenderness.

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Thank you very much

Karen Slate said...

Beautiful post Neil.

web search said...

Thank you for your wonderful efforts