Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dancing Queen

This was too good to pass up :-) Layla's newest dance moves are quite comical--they almost resemble the moves of the 50+ year old women (who've enjoyed a little TOO much wine) on the dance floor at a wedding...HA!

Somehow my little red head manages to brighten up EVERY day...she makes me look forward to having (God willing) a house full of special little personalities one day! And moments like this (among the million other little moments) make my job satisfaction level skyrocket...ahh the joys of being a mommy at home with her little ones!

PS-You are getting a sneak preview of her Fancy Nancy Halloween costume...this was take after a trip to Walmart for more "fancy ribbons"...you can tell she REALLY needed more fancy ribbon :-)



Natasha said...

Wow! "Fancy Layla" has some moves!! I'm impressed and yes, I'm smiling... :)

Michelle said...

too cute!

Our Journey to Rwanda said...

I love it! So, what's in the bags?! Emily B

The Beaver Bunch said...

HYSTERICAL. Does she get those moves from you or Neil?

Michelle said...

Lindsey, you must be about to have that baby any time now... how far along are you? keep us posted!